Our Services

More than 70% of the company's workforce is working aftersales service to cover the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia with more than 40 service trucks


Equipped with all necessary tools and equipment.

• 3 central work shops
• Turbo charger repair and balancing.
• Boring and machining for all components.
• Machining workshop including portable boring machine, lathe machine, welding machine, valve facing machine, valve insert milling machine, shaping machine, connecting rod sleeve boring machine.

Specialization Workshop

• Turbo balancing machine.
• Cylinder head pressure testing machine.
• Complete fuel room for testing Cummins, Bosch, & Common rail systems.

Service Agreements

• P.M.S agreement
• Total repair agreement

In-Shop Heavy Equipment Repair

• Repair Determination Inspections.
• Technical Analysis.
• Total repair.

Specialized Repair and Services

• Engine overhaul.
• Hydraulic Services.
• Power Train Component overhaul.
• Build and Bore Machining.
• Fabrication.

Field Service

• General Repair.
• Build and Bore Machining.
• Field Welding.
• Diagnostic & Trouble shooting.

• Lube Trucks.

• Mobile Parts Warehouses.

Training Center